Department Head: Dr. Kenneth Hacker
Administrative Assistant: Cynthia Moore
Main Office: Speech Building, Room 304
Office Phone Number: (575) 646-2801





We have many exciting things happening in the Communication Studies Department and we look forward to you being part of them. Great things happened over the past year. These added to an already active and productive department.  Over 50% of our professors either had books published or were working on books. We had interesting and informative public research speeches delivered by faculty members. Dr. Greg Armfield spoke about the “ESPN Effect.”  Dr. Brianna Lane presented her empirical findings about Facebook friending and how it affects relational perception. Dr. Jeanne Flora discussed initial findings from our Military Family Communication Project about narrative and equine approaches to military family stress.  With the help of Dean Christa Slaton (College of Arts and Science) and Jacobo Varela (Military and Veterans Programs), we screened the movie “Fort Bliss” on Veterans Day and brought the author/director/co-producer to the audience for face-to-face dialogue about the film. Come join us in the study of human communication and have fun earning your degrees.

In this year, Fall 2016-Fall 2017, many more exciting things will be happening. We look forward to telling you more about them as we get them planned. For example, we will have our annual Welcoming Event outdoors near the Speech Building. There you can meet Comm Studies students, professors, and others interested in the department. You can also be advised on the spot. Will have more fascinating faculty talks about research and another special event for veterans in October. Come back later for more details! If you would like to learn more about majoring in Communication Studies, contact me by email any time after June 1, 2016.

Look for special Election 2016 events, Dr. Morgan taking students to Ireland, a concert by a famous American Indian singer, special guest speakers, and more. Merj Hemp, book author and skydiver, as well as one of our alumni, will be in Las Cruces in early September. She has a sky diving event on Labor Day weekend will do a public talk on Wednesday, September 6, 2016.  In October, we will also have an interesting research presentation by our new faculty member, Dr. Danielle Halliwell. The title of her presentation is “Relationships in Transition: Communication and Coping Throughout Times of Change.”  Sometime before Election Day, we may be hosting a Debate Watch event. Look for announcements about that. During Homecoming Week this fall, we will also have our annual Comm Studies Alumni Luncheon to honor our graduates and have them speak with our current students.

The Comm Studies Department is vibrant, thriving, and ready to accept more majors!  It is a good time to get a degree in Communication Studies (NCA 2016.)            

A final note for now: We have a brand new scholarship for students studying in our minor called Communication and National Security. The scholarship was established by the family of Kathrine Martinez-Graham who helped to start the minor. We look forward to other former faculty, administrators, and alumni starting up small scholarship funds. They are easier to start than you might think.


 — Dr. Hacker, Dept. Head



Walking the Walk:




FROM MR. AHMED DADZIE, GRAD CLUB PRESIDENT: “Our goal in the speech workshop was to familiarize people with the reasons speech anxiety happens. In addition to identifying causes, we also sought to equip students with strategies and information on ways to combat speech anxiety. We explained the dangers that come with trying to memorize a speech and we also focused on non-fluencies and ways to avoid them.  We also led a discussion about the fears of public speaking and we aimed to demonstrate how common apprehension is. In practice, we had students give a quick introductory speech and then we had them give the same speech but without using words like “um, like, uhh” to show the challenge in delivering a memorized speech. At the end of the workshop we obtained student feedback on ways to improve and what they would like to work on in the future.”



Comm 440/540 (Political Communication) Social Media Project, Fall, 2016:




News and Media Relations   The group provided pre-event and same-day coverage of Military and Veterans Appreciation Week on the Las Cruces campus. Chancellor Garrey Carruthers and Hector Sanchez, Director, Military and Veterans Programs, spoke at the kickoff event at Aggie Memorial Tower Friday morning. The week was made possible thanks to the combined effort of the Military and Veterans Programs, the Military and Family Communication Team, the Air Force and Army ROTC in the College of Arts and Sciences and the NMSU Student Veterans Organization. The Facebook posting on the NMSU News Facebook page had already generated a reach of 2,100 people by the end of the day Friday.










Newsletter INSERT JAN 2015


The Communication Studies department offers B.A. and M.A. degrees. Areas of concentration include interpersonal communication, political communication, organizational communication, family communication, health communication, intercultural communication and social interaction in new media and social media. Graduates with our degrees are well equipped to find employment in business or government and also to continue into master’s or doctoral studies in the discipline.

The discipline of Communication Studies is a social science that explores many areas of human social interaction including networking with social media and work collaboration done with new forms of communication technologies. Our students learn theories, research methods, analytical and critical reasoning skills as well as the practical skills of presentation and persuasion.  For information on what we think our academic programs can do for you, go to Our Goal  You’ll find information on financial aid, admissions for both undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as application forms for our graduate program, on our Admissions page.  Check on career updates and other news from our graduates under Alumni.  Parents and prospective employers: find out about the kinds of skills Communication BA and MA grads acquire by looking at Our Goals page. To find examples of jobs and/or careers held currently by our graduates, visit our Alumni page.

Undergraduate Program of Study

Our Graduate Program in Communication Studies

The Communication and National Security Minor

The Communication and National Security Graduate Minor



World-respected communication scientist Jan van Dijk discusses his research in the Comm Studies conference room.

Beth & William outside the Speech Building

Happy Comm Studies graduate students!


Film producer and director Claudia Myers was a guest of our department and campus in November, 2015.