Comm. 265: Principles of Human Communication



Why is Communication Important?

Comm. 265G is a general education course (see here) that serves as an introduction to the study of human communication. You will learn how communication functions in a variety of situations and settings. The course combines both the theory and practice of communication. This means that we will cover the theoretical principles of human communication while giving you the opportunity to put these principles into practice. Some of the topics we will cover are public speaking, conflict, verbal and nonverbal communication, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, organizational communication, and group communication.

Why do you need to take a course in communication?
  • First, NMSU states, “every educated person needs the ability to present orally, his or her ideas in a clear and logical way and to discern weak and illogical arguments presented by others” (NMSU).
  • Second, most employers’ rate communication skills as the number one quality they look for in a job candidate.