Raquel Andujo

Ebenezer A.K. Aidoo Jr.

BBA (Marketing), Methodist University Collage, Ghana

MSc (Oil and Gas Management), Coventry University, UK

Office: Communication Sciences 322

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Methodist University College, Ghana, and a Master of Science in Oil and Gas Management from Coventry University, UK. I love teaching and research! I believe that all students are unique and have something special that they can bring to their education. Therefore, I ensure that every student I teach have access to hands-on activities and be able to have choices and let their curiosity direct their learning. I aim to pursue a Ph.D. in communication. My research interests are in Health Communication, Organizational Communication, Political Communication, and Family Communication. My hobbies are reading, singing and playing the piano.

Mary Carson

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Minor: Marketing & Advertising

Office: Communication Sciences 322

I received my Bachelor’s Degree at NMSU in Communication Studies with a Minor in Marketing and a Minor in Advertising. Research-wise I am interested in things like Interpersonal Communication and Nonverbal Communication! Outside of school I love reading, going to the movies, binge watching The Office, and spending time with my family. 

Claudia DeJesus

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University 

Office: Communication Sciences 321

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from NMSU in May 2018. Going on to pursue my Master’s Degree has allowed me to dive deeper into so many different areas of study within Communication, which I have really enjoyed. Though I love studying all of the different fields within Communication, my areas of research focus on education reform, recruitment, social media, and marketing. Being a Graduate Teaching Assistant has given me the opportunity to help students succeed the way I was helped during my undergraduate years and hopefully encourage students to fall in love with Communication Studies the way I did. In my free time I enjoy watching movies, brushing up on my calligraphy skills, spending time with loved ones, and outdoor activities.


BA (Journalism and Mass Communications), New Mexico State University

Office: Communication Sciences 324

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and am now pursing my Master’s degree in Communication Studies! My research interests are in culture and communication. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my closest friends and traveling every chance I get.


Lanie O’Hea

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Minor: Journalism and Mass Communications 

Office: Communication Sciences 323

I have a passion for the way people interact with one another, which ultimately drew me to earn my my BA in Communication Studies alongside a minor in Journalism and Mass Communications. Right now, my research interests are in Business Communication and Media and Technology Communication. Through my TA position, I hope to give back to the students here and help them grow and learn as those before me have helped me. My hobbies include swimming, photography and going to the movies just for the icees. 

Shelbey Quintanillia

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Office: Communication Sciences 325

I have an eagerness to learn how and why people interact with the world and communicate with one another. I graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Communication Studies with minors in both Marketing and Advertising. My research interests are concentrated in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication with an emphasis on Invisible Disabilities in postsecondary education. I am currently the Vice President of the Communication Studies Graduate Student Association. I was inspired by my undergrad TA to grow affection towards and eventually pursue this field. Now being a TA myself, I hope to give back and also help students feel more comfortable in communication settings. Outside of academia, some of my hobbies include photography, videography and hiking. 

Tiana Roebuck

BBA (Business Administration), Eastern New Mexico University

Minor: Visual Art

Office: Communication Sciences 323

I love learning about interpersonal and nonverbal communication. My research interests are sports communication and religious discourse. To me, there are few experiences more beautiful than authentic connection, and that is achieved through communication! Some of my favorite pastimes include traveling and being artsy!

Caroline Rodriguez

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Minor: Management

Office: Communication Sciences 326

I completed my Bachelor of Arts in communication studies and minored in management at NMSU in 2018. I am currently pursuing my master’s in communication studies with special research interest in environmental communication. When I am not dedicating myself to my school work I am basking myself in the presence of my family and friends or driving around town finding my next favorite dining spot. 

Jalen Romero

BBA (Business Management), New Mexico State University

Office: Communication Sciences 326

I received my bachelors in Business Management with a focus in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from the College of Business in 2018. I then went on to begin my Masters program in Communication Studies. After taking many different communication classes, I have found my focus in family communication, child-parent interaction, romantic relationships as well as the act/disclosure of online dating. All of these amazing topics surround my thesis topic that I hope to not only submit for my graduation, but as well as being able to submit to journals or conferences. Upon graduation I plan on moving out of state as well as continuing to travel to as many places as possible. 

Glorianna Yee

BA (English and Communications), Thomas Edison State University

Office: Communication Sciences 323

My childhood love for stories and storytelling led to a double major in English and Communications from Thomas Edison State University in 2019. I would love to apply communication theories to research the way art shapes culture and individuals, particularly through stories and music. When I’m not studying, I try to spend quality time with friends and read as many books as possible.