Patricia Adu-Mensah

BA (Theater Arts; minor in Music), University of Ghana, Legon

BA (Journalism), Ghana Institute of Journalism

Office: Communication Sciences 324


I believe “If you want to be successful, you must first think of yourself as a personal brand.” I graduated from University of Ghana, Legon with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Music. At the University of Ghana, I was recognized as the “overall best graduating student” for the Theatre Arts department. I then attended the Ghana Institute of Journalism, where I majored in Journalism and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. I’m aspiring to be a top International Public Relations practitioner, and I love to help people when given the opportunity.


Ebenezer A.K. Aidoo Jr.

BBA (Marketing) Methodist University Collage. Ghana

MSc (Oil and Gas Management) Coventry University. UK

Office: Communication Sciences 322


I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Methodist University Collage, Ghana and a Master of Science in Oil and Gas Management from Coventry University, UK. My short term goal is to master the art of interactive teaching and learning during my Teaching Assistantship. My ultimate aim is to pursue a PhD. My research interests are in Business Communication, Political Communication, and Family Communication. I love to devote my time to improving the life of the venerable in our society, hence I was elected president of the Rotary Club of Tema- Meridian in the Rotary year (2017-2018).



Lilian Carreon

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Office: Communication Sciences 326



I earned my BA in Communication Studies and Foreign Languages (Concentration in Spanish) and a Minor in Marketing from NMSU. My research interests revolve around communication within the Chicano community. I want to set an example in my community that success is possible if one is willing to work hard for it. My hobbies are listening to music, reading, and writing poetry.


Tamanda Chabvuta

BA (English Literature), University of Malawi

Office: Communication Sciences 323

I enjoy developing my writing skills, social media engagement, and digital media skills (photography and videography). I hold a passion for the environment, agriculture, and development issues, and strongly advocate for the attainment of zero hunger. I am a Fellow of the Cornell Alliance for Science and the Leadership for Environment and Sustainable Development for South East Africa (LEAD SEA). I hope to streamline my life work in the development field.



Claudia DeJesus

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University 

Office: Communication Sciences 326

Anna Kolarikova

BA (Business Law), Prague School of Advanced Legal Studies

Office: Communication Sciences 323


I love organizing events of all kinds. Thus, I’ve chosen Communication Studies as a major for my Master’s Degree to improve my speaking skills and to learn more about communication


Lanie McAlpin

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Minor: Journalism and Mass Communications 

Office: Communication Sciences 323



I have a passion for the way people interact with one another, which ultimately drew me to earn my my BA in Communication Studies alongside a minor in Journalism and Mass Communications. Right now, my research interests are in Business Communication and Media and Technology Communication. Through my TA position, I hope to give back to the students here and help them grow and learn as those before me have helped me. My hobbies include swimming, photography and going to the movies just for the icees. 



Shelbey Quintanillia


Tiana Roebuck

BBA (Business Administration), Eastern New Mexico University

Minor: Visual Art

Office: Communication Sciences 323



I love learning about interpersonal and nonverbal communication. To me, there are few experiences more beautiful than authentic connection, and that is achieved through communication! Some of my favorite pastimes include painting, Eucharistic Adoration, and traveling with loved ones.


Crystal Romero

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Minor: Counseling and Education Psychology

Office: Communication Sciences 324


I earned my BA in Communication Studies and my minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology at NMSU. I love anything to do with interpersonal relationships! I believe our interpersonal relationships are the biggest part of our lives and make us who we are today. I hope to go on and teach at a post secondary education level. My hobbies outside of school include hiking, spending time with loved ones, trying new things, and gaming when time permits. 

Caroline Rodriguez

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Minor: Management

Office: Communication Sciences 325



I completed my Bachelor of Arts in communication studies and minored in management at NMSU in 2018. I am currently pursuing my master’s in communication studies with special research interest in organizational communication. When I am not dedicating myself to my school work I am basking myself in the presence of my family and friends or driving around town finding my next favorite dining spot. 


Caily Woods

BA (Communication Studies), New Mexico State University

Office: Communication Sciences 324



As an avid snowboarder, I plan to spend some time after graduation working in Marketing for a ski resort. After some time there, my goal is to explore a career that allows me to travel and work with students studying abroad as well as contracting with a non-profit organization, preferably one that advocates for youth and strives to help them build a better future.