Dr. Jeanne Flora


Interpersonal and Family Communication

Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1998

My research examines family interaction, with a focus on romantic relationship development and maintenance.  Some of my current research explores relationship development in the context of online dating.  I am also part of NMSU’s Military Family Communication Research team, a group devoted to research and interventions focused on supporting military families as they reintegrate post-deployment.  I am co-author, with Chris Segrin, of Family Communication, a sourcebook that examines state-of-the-art research and theories of family communication and family relationships.  In addition to exploring cutting-edge research, it focuses on classic theories and findings that have influenced and revolutionized the way scholars conceptualize family interaction.  The book is geared toward students and teachers of family communication, as well as professionals who work with families.

My original research can be found in journals such as Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Journal of Family Psychology, Journal of Family Communication, Human Communication Research, and the Journal of Veteran Studies.  I have also authored review chapters on topics such as marriage and family conflict for the Handbook of Communication Sciences, the Sage Handbook of Family Communication, Communicating Interpersonal Conflict in Close Relationships, and Human Communication in Action. 

I teach courses in interpersonal communication, family communication, nonverbal communication, and communication theory.  I love teaching and recently won the NMSU College of Arts and Sciences award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Manchester University in 1994 and continued to the University of Kansas for graduate work in Communication Studies (M.A., 1996; Ph.D., 1998).  I began my career at California State University, Fullerton from 1998-2000 and later the University of La Verne from 2000-2009, where I chaired the Department of Speech Communication.  In 2009, I joined the New Mexico State University Department of Communication Studies.