Information for Graduate Assistantships

Teaching Assistants usually spend approximately 20 hours per week fulfilling their assigned duties to the department.  These duties include:

  • Teach three lab sections of Comm 265G:  Principles of Human Communication
  • Attend one of the large lecture sections of Comm 265G (Friday’s only)
  • Hold three office hours and two Center for Communication Studies Lab hours per week
  • Attend a weekly Teaching ASsistant meeting with the Basic Course Director and Comm 265G faculty
  • Prepare and grade Comm 265G assignments and discussions.
Application instructions:

To apply for an assistantship, please attach the following materials to your application:

  • Three letters of recommendation (see reference form below)
  • Your most recent vitae/resume
  • A  statement of intent
  • Application for financial assistance (see financial assistance form below)
  • A sample of scholarly writing
Additional Forms: