Public speech: “Why the digital divide is not getting better”

Professor van Dijk has defined the idea “network society” as a form of society increasingly organizing its relationships in media networks gradually replacing or complementing the social networks of face-to-face communication.


van Dijk’s The Network Society describes what the network society is and what it might be like in the future. The first conclusion of this book is that modern society is in a process of becoming a network society. This means that on the Internet, interpersonal, organizational, and mass communication come together. People become linked to one another and have access to information and communication with one another constantly. Using the Internet brings the “whole world” into homes and work places.


Professor van Dijk is a full professor of Communication Science at the University of Twente in The Netherlands. He consults the Dutch government and the European Union on uses of new media for democracy, as well as issues of the Digital Divide. He is working with Dr. Kenneth Hacker (NMSU, Comm Studies) on a new book concerning digital democracy.


Updated: Some photos at the speech

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